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Job Description

A pioneering biotech company in the Jerusalem area looking for a biologist for work in the field of avian DNA editing. The job includes carrying out and leading projects, evaluating and adapting new methods and tests, writing reports, procedures and scientific documents according to regulatory requirements.

Job Requirements

Ph.D./MSc degree - required

In-depth knowledge and experience in avian cell cultures - required

Knowledge in molecular biology and familiarity with working with computerized databases and bioinformatics

Organization and order, initiative and the ability to work under pressure.

Functions well in teamwork as well as working independently.

High technical and professional skills are required

Ability to plan and understand working methods

Ability to operate laboratory equipment at various levels

Familiarity with methods of analysis and biological quantification and analysis.

Works well under deadlines.

Industry Experience - a significant advantage.

High-level English fluency.

Contact person: Gal Lin, Director of Business Development,
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STARTING DATE: 31.12.2018

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